So first thing. I’ve read the books. I’m inspired. I’m signed up. Ah, here’s the first thing – I dont have a bike. I live in a little flat in Manchester with very little room in it to store bikes. Handily we do have a ‘secure’ area in our car park to do that. I use quote marks around secure, because, well, it’s about as secure as leaving a £20 note on the street with a big note saying ‘take me, I’m yours’ next to it.

In the past, I’ve had stolen:

  1. a whole bike
  2. my brakes
  3. my rear wheel
  4. another bike
  5. my rear wheel, front wheel, forks and stem

All of these were locked up. With many locks. Of different types. In a room with two locks. In a locked car park.

I guess I’m just unlucky!

So the first step is to buy a bike. I’ve never bought a road bike before, so there is a lot of information to take in. Carbon frame? forks? how much to spend? internet vs shop? Which type of gear (shimano/sram/campy). Which model in that range? Is weight important?

So far the only advice that I’ve really listened to is ‘get one that you love’. With that in mind my heart has been taken by a Sportive Bianco at Ribble cycles:

Now I just have to wait the few weeks for it to arrive…..


And buy a bloody massive lock!