It is fair to say, I love a good graph. So here is what I know about my training, in a handy visual form…

The above graph aggregates all of my run distances for each week and cross references it with my average speed (I really wish this was pace per mile, but google docs is doing weird things with my pace figure, grr).

The above graph cross references my cycling speed with total distance. It mixes up sessions, so I’m not convinced its that accurate (ie how accurate is an indoor spin session to actual road speed?)


The above graph details the breakdown of what i’ve done in all weeks up till now.

The above graph details what minutes i’ve done in the current week. It’s the graph that is displayed on the front page of the site. (I *love* this graph. Why? Well, it’s linked to my training plan on google docs. As I mark each activity as done, this graph auto re-calculates and publishes itself.)

This is the combined minutes of all my training over the 30 week training plan.