Special midweek blog edition to explain some of my current, some what ridiculous mood swings.

I have been training now solidly for 27.5 weeks. On Sunday I finished my longest week with my longest and fastest ever training run. I was on top of the world. Someone following the same plan as me tweeted ’27 weeks done – I couldn’t have done anymore’, and I felt exactly the same. I’ve barely missed a run or a ride, I’ve given it my all in every session. Every high intensity session hit, every mile run, every hill climbed. Every time I finished a Sunday swim class and could hardly pull myself out of the pool. I’ve miraculously not been injured or got poorly. It couldn’t have gone any better.


And yet…


And yet today I’ve spent a lot of time thinking I’m not ready for this.

Wondering how I can possibly run a marathon after a 112 mile bike ride.

I’ve spent a lot of time thinking I could be doing more training.

I had to fight myself to get on the bike and go running today.

I’m looking at the event with apprehension. Can I do this? Do I want to do this?

And then, with less time than it takes to get out of a wetsuit I flip around a hundred and eighty degrees and I get that ‘I’ve worked so hard for this, I’m ready’ feeling. Right now it’s fleeting, it comes in waves, I’d love to pin it down.


But I can’t. Yet.


So this is just a quick reminder to yourself Neil.


You’ve trained for this. You’re ready.


(Now go and enjoy the last weeks you idiot!)