12 weeks ago we started a project to get Pilla fit. She had pretty much stopped doing any exercise whilst I was training and so I made a promise to try and help her. Well, 12 weeks of yoga, running, circuits, boxercise, aerobics and all manner of activities and the final results are in…

… I must say at this point, that Pilla really started from nothing. And she has a history of getting injured whilst running (particularly shin splints and calf issues, which once ruled her out of the GNR). And she quite likes cake…

… I must also say at this point that you might think writing about some of these things is weird, but for me it is key to write down your goals and then share them out. It sure helps you get out and train when you know you’ve told people you’re going to do it. It really forces you to stay honest with it. I’ve really only done this twice, and it’s worked both times. Oh bugger I’ve ruined the surprise!

It’s worked!


The total loss is 12lbs. Over the last 12 weeks each week has been a loss. Some big, some little but down each and every week.


The week 1 5km time was 36:40. The week 12 time was 26:08, an improvement of 10 minutes and 32 seconds! In that time we’ve not actually done that much running, I really have no idea how fast she could get if we actually trained for it. I told her after the first park run she should aim to finish in the top 10 and she laughed at me. This week she was the 19th women!


Dropped from 25.55 to 23.63


Without ruining the mystery I’ll just say she’s lost 4″ from the places we measured!


The change in Pilla been pretty remarkable, exciting and has helped get me out of my post ironman blues. We’ve now signed up to a half marathon in March next year and a 24 hour race next September to keep it going. I’m really proud of what she has done. She’s fit, strong and awesome!

ps. Thank you to everyone on Twitter who cheered her PBs, her progress and generally helped along the way by saying how great she is. You’ve been great too, and it would not have worked as well without that feedback, so thank you 🙂