The Book

After sharing a couple of blogs last night on Twitter one of the people (@OutlawAndySloan) who completed the Outlaw triathlon recently mentioned pulling some ironman distance blogs together into a book. I think this sounds like a great idea, plus I’ve always wanted to be an author!

So here’s what I’m planning to do. I’d LOVE people to submit their stories and let me pull them together into a book. I’ll probably make a fancy paper copy to keep forever using a service such a Blurb so I can bore the future grandchildren and anyone that comes to my house, and also make it available on the Kindle, through Amazon.

If you have a story to tell, or a blog to share, please get in touch below. Bear with me though, I’ve never done this, it might take a while to sort it out!

All profits (if any) through Amazon i’ll donate to Poppyfields, the charity that @Sidowski raised money for during the Outlaw, the Just Giving link is here:

Who is Poppy? Poppy is @Sidowski‘s niece and was 14 months old when diagnosed with a brain tumour. She had two ops straight away with a 50/50 chance of survival. She has had chemotherapy and radiotherapy and two further ops the last being St Georges Day 2012 when 99.9% of the remaining tumour was removed. She is 11 in Jan. She has lost the sight in one eye and has to inject herself daily with growth hormones. She is scanned and reviewed every 3 months. Poppyfields was set up by Poppy’s parent Lisa and Brian to raise a bit of money for Birmingham Childrens Hospital. To date we have raised nearly £200,000

If you want a paper copy, I’ll just send the details and you can order it through whatever publisher I use (probably blurb). I doubt it’ll happen but if a real publisher picks it up, again I’ll just donate all profits to the above cause. I promise not to sell your work on or do anything dodgy with it. The stories remain yours!

So please, if you’ve just done an long distance triathlon, if you’ve supported someone through it, if you’d like to share your story please get in touch. I’m looking for a variety of stories too. If you know other people who’d be interested, please share the link. Thanks so much!