Well, it’s hard work. When you’re not doing it, you are thinking about it. It takes over your life. It becomes the reason you wake up, it breaks up your day at work and keeps you busy in the evening. When you’re not doing it, you’re planning it. You start dreaming about it. It becomes a never ending cycle of…

Well. Eating.

I could go for another round of dinner. In fact right now, I feel like I didn’t have dinner. My days are pretty much broken into two: I’m either eating or I’m hungry. If I don’t have a huge oat and fruity breakfast if be chewing my arm of by about 9:30, regular breakfasts just don’t cut it any more. Lunches are massive, but I could go again by early afternoon. Philippa is an amazing cook and serves up some highly delicious meals, however I could literally eat them twice over.

Best of all – it’s pretty guilt free eating. When your day starts with an hour run does it matter that every meal is now three courses? Guilt free eating is the reward for the runs in the dark, the unsociable hours and the general thrashing of yourself you do in this training lark.

So you’ll excuse me if this post is a bit short or there are spelling mistakes because I’m off to have a biscuit (or three).