About me

Facts about me. As of writing this I:

  1. Am 31 1/4 years old
  2. Live in Manchester with my beautiful, talented and long suffering wife, Pilla
  3. Have two allotments
  4. Have completed three marathons
  5. Am in a very dodgy band, but we will take over the world at some point
  6. Think that people at work who don’t rinse spoons after making a cup of tea should be sacked
  7. Have two cats
  8. Love music
  9. Work as a Product Specialist
  10. Spend too much of my time on twitter
  11. Am useless at remembering things
  12. Am currently trying to learn the piano
  13. Love reading adventure books
  14. Have run a 5k in 21:28, a 10km in 45:05, a 1/2 in 1:42 and a marathon in 3:57:16.
  15. Wear glasses
  16. Am frightened by road bikes
  17. And Lycra
  18. Love cups of tea (x10 with a biscuit)
  19. Got married on a farm, in a Swedish kata (a bit like three tipi’s joined together)
  20. faff too much and am generally disorganised
  21. ……¬†And by the 8th of July, hopefully, an ironman distance triathlete