I won’t bore you, everyone knows that core work is important, but not very many people do it. It’s a bit of a pain to organise. I started doing circuits with a guy who was into boxing at work at lunches and was pretty impressed at how much you can do in a short time without equipment if you do some high intensity circuits. I also found it a pain to put them together, so created a spreadsheet that could do it for me randomly.

Every workout goes like this:

  • Each exercise lasts one minute
  • You have a 15 second rest
  • You complete one complete ‘set’ of all 10, then have a two minute rest
  • You complete three sets.

Each set is made up of a number of different types of exercises, ones that work your core, your cardio, arms and legs.

I use an app on my iPhone to time it called ‘Seconds Pro’ – I think it cost about 99p. Well orth it. After we started going to some boxing classes I added in a few boxing exercises too.


The link to the googledoc version is here: http://goo.gl/I8MwVD

Warning: I did just try downloading it to excel and it messed up. I could probably do some work to convert it to Excel if anyone really cares enough.

Warning #2: The random updating probably works a bit weird on your phones/ipads. Might be better on a computer.


  1. Select what equipment you have. You don’t need any, but having weights/skipping rope/kettle bell gives a bigger range of exercises.
  2. Every time you change a cell value, the list of exercises regenerates. If you don’t like the selection, select a blank cell (any blank cell), press delete and a new list will be created.

I tried to put links and desriptions of some exercises but I got a bit bored, so it’s about 50/50. What I generally do is create the routine, copy it into word, print it out then go a be awesome on the local car park roof.

(That isn’t a euphemism, that is actually where we do this stuff).


How it works

Honestly, you probably don’t care about this but:

  • All the exercises are stored in their own tabs
  • A random number is generated if the exercise can be picked (essentially if it doesn’t need kit, or you have the kit)
  • This random number is ranked
  • The top ranked exercises are then shown in the front grid using a series of vlookups (it also uses the highly awesome and little used ‘INDIRECT’ formula to get the sheetname from the value in the types column but even I struggle to get too excited about that at this time on a Thursday evening).

Anyway, let me know if it’s useful, have fun!