It happened. I’m now nearly 2 weeks post Milton Keynes and my total running amounts to a whopping 14 minutes. I just can’t be bothered at the moment. Now normally that would be fine post marathon, you are totally allowed to take time off to recover and you can’t be on it all the time. It’s lovely taking a break to remember why you love it.

However, it’s not so lovely having your ‘can’t-be-arsed-right-now’ break when you have 2 weeks to go before a half ironman. Not only is my running bothersome and generally crappy, I have hardly been out on my bike – I’ve been outside on it twice in the last 6 months. On top of that my swimming hours have been almost nothing.


Looking at the positives I get to go back to where the magic happened last summer which I’m dead excited about. I’m not excited about the actual race, but it should be a pretty good atmosphere. Last year this race was my absolute perfect race, lovely sunny day and each of the three events I smashed my expectations. After 25 weeks of solid training that I guess was to be expected. After some generally crappy training lately I know I wont be close to that.

After this I think I need some downtime to dream it all back up again…. What’s next….