Rambling and weird blog this morning. Welcome back to the strange world of my turbo thoughts.


I’m on the turbo, today’s session is a one hour ride followed immediately by a 30 minute run. If all goes to plan I’ll jump in the quays tonight for a 1.5km swim. Trying to be efficient and writing this whilst training…


Motivation is a strange, mysterious and beautiful thing. Yesterday morning I just couldn’t get going. I was beating on myself for not being more enthusiastic, the same thing happened at the weekend. I annoy myself when I’m like this, god knows what it’s like for philippa. This triathlon has taken up so much of our time and yet here I am moaning about it. Get a grip Neil, you WANT to do this.


So it’s a little surprising how quickly I got out of bed this morning, how much easier it is today? Why?


Maybe it’s the realisation that its so close, it’s just 3.5 weeks till I start tapering, I just need to hold on for 3.5 weeks, after doing so many that is nothing…


Maybe it’s calculating just how much I’ve done over the last 5 months last night: 52 miles swimming, 1700 miles cycling, 550 miles running. For someone not motivated, that’s quite a way.


Maybe it’s thinking how much I’ve put Pilla through. All those long weekends of training, hell if I’m going to do it, I better put a smile on my face and enjoy it.


Could be the fear of not getting round? My friend Nic said the other day she was treating each session as one step towards actually enjoying the day rather than suffering. I like this.


Maybe it’s the sudden thought I might never pass through Ironman town again? This might be the only time in my life I put us on hold for 7 months and do this. Better make the most of it.


Oh god, it’s not the graphs is it? I looked at those yesterday and they were dipping as I skipped a couple of runs and swims. Tell me I’m not getting up and 5:55 just so my graph looks nice?


Blogging is making this turbo go fast I’ve only got 35 minutes left.


Maybe writing the blog helps?


Cats are freaking out, they (like me) get annoyed at the indoor training.


No one said I had to enjoy ALL of it anyway, right? I mean going running when your legs are done in, it’s not fun is it? It’s fun when you finish..


It’s all about the finish then? Maybe. Legs are good and tired now.


Lots of people said they might come down to Nottingham on the day. Bloody hell, I’d better get round!


Less blogging. It’s hard now. On the positive side, if this turbo sauna carries on I’ll be able to do the swim in the flat too.


Almost half way through, just 16 minutes and a quick run left. Easy!


Stupid head, it’s not easy. Still going to do it. No motivation issues now, lets just get this done.


I’m not I’m the home straight just yet, getting there. Just under 85% of the bike done. Go go go!


For someone beating themselves up or no being motivated, it’s strange that once I start I never feel like giving up. I mean, that would kill the graph right?


Start thinking run now. Lets do this.


Born to run just came on my playlist. Get in!!!!