Training is pretty easy isn’t it, all you have to do is following the plan, right? It’s not like it’s particularly difficult getting out and doing a run is it. Not when you love running running and riding your bike, and when you kind of secretly might just like swimming too.

Oh right, but then you have to fit life around it and that just gets in the way. Bugger. This week I have been away for a couple of days in London and carrying on when you are away from home is a right pain. It’s not impossible but you have to be pretty dedicated and this week I failed – I took along all my kit but just couldn’t be arsed going out. It wouldn’t have been so bad but when I’m away I often fill my time eating, and eating all sorts of the wrong stuff. Deep down inside I’m still a little round fat kid and if you put a plate of tasty sweet stuff in front of me I’m going to eat it all. Which is pretty much what I did for three days.

I made up for it a little by doing my longest turbo session in yonks on Friday night. I had a choice between getting a beer and watching crap TV or beasting myself a little on the bike and after a bit of to-ing and fro-ing I went for the turbo. It turned out to be a pretty good choice because after a 45 minute sufferfest session I felt pretty great and I actually enjoyed it. Strangely enough, having battled through the turbo sets earlier in year now I find them pretty enjoyable. We’ll see how long that lasts!

I went for a run with Pilla on Saturday, it’s very cool that her pace now on runs ties in with my pace in my Z2 heart rate zone. I hope this lasts for a while because the company is excellent and if I need any motivation I can just follow @TheIron_bear‘s 1 metre rule. My pace is currently about a minute a mile slower than it was in the same zone 6 months ago. This drop is not great but having not regularly run at this speed for 4 months I’m hoping it’ll come back with practice.

Swimming tonight was pretty fun, early on in the set we did some sprints of 10 x 25m. Now I know I’m not the fastest swimmer in the world and my technique is bobbins but you put me in a race and it’s game on as far as I’m concerned. I love the fast sets just because we rarely do it and tonight I was the third fastest. Or bronze medal place if you prefer. I’ll award myself extra training points because it was our work xmas last night and 3am finishes and training do not really go together.

18 weeks to go, and I’m excited already 🙂





ps. I never really know how to finish blogs, I just kind of stop typing.