A few weeks ago I got told I needed to be in the US in may. I love coming over with work for lots of reasons, it makes my job simultaneously more interesting and more useful, I meet lots of new people and I get to spend time with friends and colleagues here. This time though, well this time I was t looking forward to it. Why?
Week 22 was busy. I had to fit around my regular training with travel which is not easy. Yeah, running is fine, but cycling? Swimming? And the general motivation to get stuff done changes when your away too. So much so I often think training whilst away counts double!
I’m pretty please then with how the week went. Friday was my travel day which meant I missed a day running (ahh sligh white lie, I missed it because I met up with a colleague to get the bike which I borrowed, which led to some beers), but I’m not beating myself up for missing one session on a 16 hour travel day! I had prepped pretty well for the bike ride before I left, I got a borrowed bike lined up (thanks Brian), I planned a ride and uploaded the course to my garmin. Saturday I pretty much just devoted to the ride and a swim. The ride took in some really lovely Minnesotan countryside – I don’t have many pictures do to the other main feature of the day – the 45kph wind which was a constant companion. It was a nice ride out though, I got to see places that very few people would get to see on their travels and got to ride a pretty nice bike too. Loved it!
I ran a 15.5 mile run on the Sunday too. If training whilst away counts double, then training on your birthday counts extra too, with being done by 9am thanks to jet lag counting extra still I treated myself to the prize when I got back – a huge breakfast!
To complete the set even further I walked about 11 miles on Sunday afternoon, so I covered over a marathon on my feet on my birthday 🙂
A couple of weeks ago I thought that last week, this week and next week would be critical to my training, if I could get through those with everything I have going on, I’d be all set. Well, it’s happening.