When I used to go running pre-ironman training, it went something along the lines of:

1. *thinks* I need to go on a run
2. Get kit on
3. Go for run

Ahhh, those were the days. The runs were fast, the kit was simple and I wasn’t obsessed with putting figures on graphs and putting them on the Internet. Good times.

So what happens now? Well, last night was pretty typical. Before work on Wednesday I wanted to do a bike then run, and before work on Thursday I want to run to work. Fairly standard. So getting ready now goes something along the lines of: swap indoor training tyre onto the bike, set the bike up on the trainer, get the cycling clothes out and ready, get the running clothes out and ready, get the garmins charged and ready. Make breakfast and get work clothes ready. Pack bag with clothes I can change into on Wednesday evening at work so I can leave my work clothes at work. Pack work clothes for Thursday (minus the stuff I’m leaving at work) get wash stuff together. You following me? That’s before bed. Two days before I’m going on a run.

So, lesson number four I’m finding out is: write lists

If you don’t want to find yourself at work, post run, with no towel. Or pre-run with one shoe, you are going to need to get organised and write some lists. They definitely help!